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Kinect to Receive an Official Microsoft Controller with Buttons

Posted Mon, 14 Feb 2011 by James Newton

It's here

It's here

At last!

Life without buttons may be fun, but Microsoft's branching out with the sensor, letting users hold a small device in their hands with a touchscreen that allows gamers to interact with the games themselves. This device is called a "mobile phone".

Yes, Microsoft Windows 7 phones will soon be able to work together with Kinect to allow the two to interact. A demonstration video from Microsoft shows a phone-user pinging Rallyballs towards a hapless target in Kinect Adventures, with the company saying this code exists now and is not merely a concept.

While the initial support is likely to be for adding multiplayer components to existing properties, it's not hard to foresee a future in which gamers can tap buttons on the phone to perform actions in-game.

What do you make of this exciting advancement?

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1. Crunc United States 14 Feb 2011, 17:19 GMT

What developer, other then Microsoft for a little while, is going to sink any money into supporting a combination that so few people are going to have, and even if they do, are going to want to use together? This is a completely ridiculous idea. If they want to have a controller, they should just make one for Kinect.


2. Monix2598 United States 14 Feb 2011, 20:35 GMT

Technology is getting way too advanced if you ask me. They should of waited a while For now, I'll stick to the good ol buttons. (Unless I am using the Wii)


3. bboy2970 United States 15 Feb 2011, 04:02 GMT

Ummmm....yeah....I thought this meant they coming out with an actual controller of some kind. The amount of people who own a 360 and Kinect, and a Windows phone, and are willing to do this with those 2 devices, is not a lot of people. Very stupid. Nobody who wants some physical controller for Kinect is gonna go buy a whole damn phone just to get it. I wasn't threatened by Kinect's presence when it launched and it seems for good reason....Its got NOTHING going for it after its ok-ish holiday line-up.


4. soaduk United Kingdom 15 Feb 2011, 08:43 GMT

Thing is we all have controllers there actually any reason why games companies can't use the controller with kinect? Like has m$ banned it or something lol


5. hrnyseany United Kingdom 15 Feb 2011, 09:50 GMT

I think with the kinect, Microsoft kinda shot themselves in the foot by emphasizing the whole no controller thing as its sales pitch, because i think with the kinect and perhaps a peripheral like a light gun imagine the possibilities with the likes of First Person Shooters and the likes. You could turn the kinect right round and make it work for the hardcore gamers too


6. Gizmo2k United Kingdom 15 Feb 2011, 22:43 GMT

Microsoft promo videos make me mouth sick, so much schmuckery in them.

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