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Get the Official Get Fit with Mel B App and Take Mel B with You

Posted Thu, 10 Feb 2011 by James Newton

Take Mel with you, anywhere

Take Mel with you, anywhere

Fitness tool hits iTunes

Spice Girl-endorsed fitness title Get Fit with Mel B may not have the most complete feature set out of the many fitness titles available on Kinect, but it does have one ace up its sleeve or, more appropriately, in its pocket.

The official Get Fit with Mel B app just launched on the iTunes store, and lets you enter your workout details on the go in conjunction with the game's website, letting you chart your progress as you continue on your journey to get fit.

There's also recipes, a dietary diary and the ability to hide all your personal statistics away from prying eyes with the ability to create a password-protected profile.

The app costs £1.79 and is available from iTunes now, and works on all devices running iOS 3.0 or newer.

Our Get Fit with Mel B review should give you a better idea of what the game offers, but if you want to see how it compares to the other games on the market, be sure to read our Guide to Kinect Fitness Games which spells out their strengths and weaknesses.


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