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EA's Fight Night Kinect Experiments Could Create Minigames

Posted Tue, 01 Feb 2011 by James Newton

Would you play this on Kinect?

Would you play this on Kinect?

Not in Fight Night Champion, though

There's two options for Kinect owners wanting to enter the squared circle for a spot of boxing: Rare's excellent Kinect Sports and Ubisoft's not-bad MotionSports, but arguably neither does an excellent job of simulating the intricacies of the sport. EA's Fight Night series has earned itself a good reputation for just that, and although this year's Fight Night Champion won't be using Kinect that doesn't mean EA has ruled out sensor support in future titles. In fact, it's already dome some prototyping to see how the two might work together.

Producer Mike Mahar spoke to Eurogamer and admitted the company has carried out prototypes and is currently trying to assess exactly how sensor support could best be integrated into the title.

It could perhaps be a mini-game embedded in. Then again with how precise and how robust the movement and motion controls are now, I think we'd be doing them a disservice if we simply said that our version of a motion control game is a mini-game within Fight Night.

While it sounds like any potential Fight Night release would head more towards a standalone boxing title, Mahar admits that not many gamers have the stamina – or desire – to box their way through ten rounds, and finding a happy medium won't be easy.

Would you go for a Kinect-enabled Fight Night game, or would you rather stick to shorter, less realistic boxing titles on Kinect?


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1. jaxim United States 02 Feb 2011, 03:43 GMT

I'd love a Kinect boxing game that was more realistic.


2. wilsy United Kingdom 02 Feb 2011, 10:32 GMT

yea i would really love more fighting games that arent really boring .


3. Crunc United States 02 Feb 2011, 15:41 GMT

Am I the only person that finds Kinect Sports' boxing completely unplayable? I punch and 90% of the time nothing happens. The other games in Kinect Sports work well, but not the boxing. What am I doing wrong?


4. Placebo Sweden 03 Feb 2011, 15:43 GMT

Seems to me that including Move/Kinect support as an optional means for doing the training mini games would have been an absolute no brainer, the worst part of the Fight Night series is the tedious grind of doing the training between each fight, to have the chance to do it with Kinect would have been terrific both as a means of immersing yourself into your onscreen character as well as giving you the gamer a bit of a health/fitness boost, massive opportunity missed.

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