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Kinect Head-Tracking Could do 3D Gaming Without 3DTVs

Posted Sun, 05 Dec 2010 by James Newton

Now with more 3D

Now with more 3D

Get your head in the game

Microsoft has repeatedly stated it's really not that interested in bringing 3D gaming to Xbox 360, despite competitor Sony's biggest titles all featuring stereoscopic 3D support. A new Kinect hack shows the sensor's ability to track heads can create an impressive 3D effect without the need for a costly 3D camera.

Gamers with particularly wide-ranging tastes may recall Looksley's Line Up on DSiWare featuring a similar system: the camera is used to track the player's head relative to the system, and alter the view in-game accordingly. Naturally Kinect is a far more powerful sensor, granting greater precision to movements and opening up a whole new world of possibilities.

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What do you make of this hack's potential applications?


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1. cccpete United States 05 Dec 2010, 14:50 GMT

WOW! Where can I get the code for this!? The possibilities are endless.


2. JesusSaves United States 05 Dec 2010, 19:59 GMT

Very impressive.


3. Token Girl United States 06 Dec 2010, 02:36 GMT

Very cool. The only problem is it wouldn't work with multiple players at the same time, which is important for a home console.


4. LANTERN Canada 06 Dec 2010, 17:00 GMT

I think the technology would be limited to 1 or 2 people max, which is still amazing. I hate those stupid glasses and have no plan on replacing my lcd's just for 3D.

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