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Kinect Now Manipulating Cityscapes and Kitten Photos

Posted Fri, 19 Nov 2010 by James Newton

"Kinect, conquer the world!"

"Kinect, conquer the world!"

So that's humanity sorted, really

We've seen plenty of impressive PC concepts using Kinect in the past few days, particularly the Minority Report-style multi-touch inputs, and an equally advanced navigation system is shown in the video below.

This video of Kinect running on Windows 7 shows the user able to zoom and rotate a 3D cityscape, as well as having two users side-by-side working on separate photos. Kinect is capable of differentiating between the two, making sure their motions are never confused, which could certainly provide interesting possibilities for collaborative work, artistry and more.

Could we see Microsoft harnessing Kinect to work with future versions of Windows?

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1. Dazza United Kingdom 22 Nov 2010, 07:17 GMT

Now that's very cool, as great as Kinect is for controlling games - it could be just as good being used with apps such as this


2. Damo United Kingdom 22 Nov 2010, 09:25 GMT

The applications of this tech are staggering. I think we're going to see some truly amazing stuff during Kinect's lifespan.

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