Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay Exclusive Trailer Review

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

Suicide Squad: Hell to pay is another animated movie from DC Studios . It will be coming in the form of a DVD, Blue-ray, and it will also be in a digital way where one can watch the internet. It will be ready during the year through the Warner Bros, Animation, the DC entertainment, The Home entertainment.

The characters

Christian Slater is the main cast of the trailer as the voice of dead shot; Tara Strong of DC Animation is again taking the role of Harley Quinn. Other characters include Kristin Bauer who acts as the killer frost, Billy Brown who is seen as Bronze Tiger, Vanessa Williams as Amanda Waller, Liam McIntyre as Captain Boomerang and Gideon Emery who acts as Copperhead.

The Voice Cast

Those who participated in voice casting were Thomas Howell who is the Outcast, The Outsider, and Justice. The one who participated as zoom was Dania Ramirez. He is seen as the Heroes, Devious Maids, and is heard staring the story narration in the voice “once upon a time.” James Urbaniak has his voice as the scandal savage; he is heard in the cast of the Venture Bros, as well as in challenging people. The sound of Julie Nathanson is used as the Professor Pyg. In Silver Banshee, we have the sound of Jim Pirri being heard.


Hell to pay Trailer is currently given the ratings of R. This is because of its intense, bloody violence that is seen in the movie from its start to the end. It also has some sexual content in it, with some graphic nudity. It makes it unacceptable to be watched by everyone since it is pornographic in some parts. It also involves some drug materials that are used and showed in the movie. Due to this, it gained this rating.

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The Synopsis

The movie gets Amanda Waller’s top secret which is the Task Force X shot dead, Killer Frost, Bronze Tiger, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang and Copperhead on a mission to retrieve a mystical object that is so powerful that they are ready to put their lives into risk by stealing it. The suicide squad is not the only villain’s group that is looking forward to owning the object.

The competition is on to receive the golden prize. They have put their lives in the second place. It shows that despite this, them staying live is not an option. Hence, they have to work as hard as possible to ensure that they remain alive so that they can get the gold prize.

The Suicide Squad

The creative team of Hell Pays comprises of the producer or the director who is Sam Liu. The co-producer Alan Burnett wrote the script, and the executive producers include James Tucker and Sam Register.

Hell to Pay is a trailer that will be fascinating to watch. But not all people should watch the movie. It is advisable for one to watch it alone or with the right group of people. Children under the adult’s age should not watch this because of the nude photos are shown in it.

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